Shoot Shots Forever EP

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If you made it here then you have great taste in music – Cheers fam! You can download Shoot Shots Forever FREE!!

  1. Vibes Over Rules (4:12)
  2. HighTop Faded (3:50)
  3. Was You (3:37)
  4. Petty Wop (4:21)
  5. You Better (3:12)

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The Shoot Shots Forever project is significant to me for what it means. The title is a personal reminder to take more chances, aim higher, ask for help, and not fear failure in the public eye.

That being said…

I’m putting myself out there. I have lofty goals for each song on the project. Some will seem completely insane and unrealistic and that’s cool with me.

I’m going to just keep shooting shots and see what happens. I invite you to watch the journey unfold.

It could be either one hell of an inspirational story or a complete train wreck. Either way, it’ll be fun, and (anyway) I got way more shots to shoot!!!

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